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ϲͼ's Driven Community

Discover the inspiring, vibrant stories of the community - students, alumni and faculty alike! ϲͼ: Driven by Excellence. Every Day.

A male student is wearing a white coat in a lab

Meet Moustafa, ϲͼ’s Driven Catalyst

Meet the Catalyst, Moustafa. A biology and bioinformatics student driven by his passion to preserve the marine world. 

  • A woman is standing, she has her hand on her waist

    Meet Dalia, ϲͼ’s Driven Chief

  • A woman is sitting on a desk in a classroom

    Meet Jacquelyn, ϲͼ’s Driven Mentor

  • Six images of men and women, text reads "Drive by Excellence Every Day. ϲͼ"

    Meet ϲͼ's Driven Community

A man is smiling and holding a book, text reads "ϲͼToday. Unwinding the Past"
ϲͼToday Spring 2024

Unwinding the Past

ϲͼToday is a University biannual magazine showcasing the academic and extracurricular experience of ϲͼ students.